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At Briscoes & Rebel Sport, we value our supplier relationships and share a common goal of delivering high-quality products and brands to our consumers. To support supplier growth and enhance brand exposure, we proudly present our Retail Media Hub. This platform offers in-store and out-of-store advertising opportunities to connect with our loyal customer base and drive sales.

What We Offer:

In-Store assets: Maximize visibility through strategic advertisements, product displays, and signage within our stores, capturing customer attention and showcasing your products.

Out-of-Store Advertising: Extend your reach beyond our physical stores with targeted marketing campaigns, digital advertising, and social media promotions, leveraging various media channels.

Brand Integration: Foster brand recognition through event sponsorships, exclusive product launches, and co-branded campaigns, creating a stronger connection between your brand and our customers.

Campaign Booking: Our dedicated team will guide you through campaign options, assist with planning and execution, ensuring a seamless experience for maximum brand exposure and sales impact.


Partner with Briscoes & Rebel Sport through our Retail Media Hub to unlock growth opportunities. Connect with our customer base, amplify brand visibility, and drive sales through in-store and out-of-store advertising. Contact us today to learn more and book your campaign. Together, let's achieve success and deliver exceptional experiences to our valued customers.

Email: or +64 27 0871 4626